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GERMANY KENT, also known as The Hope Guru™, has a great passion for writing and making the most of life, in general. She’s an avid traveler, a journalist, and a former Award-Winning corporate executive.

An expert in the field of Social Media, with over 15 years of professional experience resulting from leadership opportunities among various disciplines. She happens to be an accomplished motivational speaker, life coach, and successful commercial actress. Germany is ranked as one of the top social media Influencers in the country.

Utilizing the wealth of knowledge from consulting for dozens of clients, speaking in front of hundreds of professionals, as well as being a devoted mentor and social media enthusiast, Germany knows what it takes to energize YOU and encourage your journey to understanding and embracing the benefits of social media. Her tweets are widely known as a source of sound wisdom, genuine motivation, and practical principles.

Kent is a hopeless romantic, fairytale believer, music lover, and writer who studied Journalism and Counseling at Mississippi State University. Since receiving her Masters Degree from BAMA in Administration, she has coached many individuals on life fulfillment and personal growth issues. Throughout her career, she has inspired hundreds of thousands of people to create a more purposeful life. Though she has experienced a full life of excitement, Germany has overcome much adversity in her life. She knows firsthand what it takes to turn tragedy into triumph and dreams into realities.

Ever the storyteller, she is known to give pertinent advice and communicates with great energy, passion, humor, warmth, and grace. Kent counts service to mankind as one of her greatest privileges in life. She likes all kinds of writing, but her heart belongs to poetry. Besides writing, she loves traveling, the beach, mentoring, reading, and chocolate.

Kent is a life-long reader whose literacy interests include adventure, family, and romance. She resides in Southern California with her husband of more than a decade, and children, where she works part-time as an entertainment correspondent, full-time as a busy mom and wife, and over-time as a writer.