“Germany Kent is one of the most open-minded, sincere and energetic people I know. I’m thrilled (though not surprised) to see her translate her personal brand and social media expertise into an excellent (and informative!) book. YOU ARE WHAT YOU TWEET is a great read for anyone who’s looking to find their niche and forge strong, meaningful connections. Check out this book!”

Abe Schwartz @AbeSchwartz (copywriter, screenwriter, director, HuffPost blogger)

“With messages of grace and gratitude at its core, YOU ARE WHAT YOU TWEET is as eye-opening as it is page-turning. Germany Kent shows how the keystone of well-read content is authenticity. You’ll learn how to create your social media legacy while refreshing your mindset.”

Hilary Powell @mshilary (Managing Producer for PBS & Former Coordinator for The Oprah Winfrey Show)

“Truth be told, Germany Kent has lived and still living her book, You Are What You Tweet. Her tweets alone are proof of what she believes in and stands for, in the book she shares her life and practical guide on how you can make a difference on social media, your guide to thought-leadership. Grab a copy of the book and go revolutionize your world – make it a happy, healthier life.”

Bernard Kelvin Clive @BernardKelvin (Amazon Bestselling Author, Personal Branding Coach, #1 Career & Business Podcast Host in Botswana & Ghana)

“Germany Kent’s wisdom is truly a Blessing to Bless others! You Are What You Tweet will unlock your mind, captivate your thoughts and inspire you to fully understand why you must protect your image and reputation while using this incredible platform called social media.”

Keith Norris Williams @investinselfnow (Delta Democrat Times)

“A fresh, unique, and thought-provoking book, YOU ARE WHAT YOU TWEET sheds insight and wisdom on the effectual ways social media use can lead to positive life transformation.”

Dr. Tommy Stevenson (Chief Diversity Officer, MS State & Founding member of Starkville Toastmasters Inc.)

YOU ARE WHAT YOU TWEET rings true because words and communication can reach a large number of people and have a profound influence on the world. Whether it be through letter writing or communications on Twitter or Facebook we have the power to influence others and this power can ultimately become mightier than the sword. Very well done.”

Thomas Toney @tetoney (Editor of the Panola Story and School Administrator) (Ret)

YOU ARE WHAT YOU TWEET speaks to your spirit. Beautiful wise words that give hope and encouragement. Readers will find useful advice on every page. This is a phenomenal resource for people who want to improve their advantage in life and on social media.”

Dr. Anitra Shelton-Quinn @Dr_SQ (Psychologist, Author, Speaker)

“Informative and educational; an easy read with practical and useful ideas. I’ve learned a better way to utilize this social media tool to convey my message to student advisees. A must read for anyone with a message to share.”

Pam Jones (Academic Coordinator, College of Business/Marketing, MS State)

“This book is divine and insightful. YOU ARE WHAT YOU TWEET is full of delightful treats. You will find much inspiration and excitement in this book that is easy-to-follow and fun to read!”

Princess Taylor Maynie @devyne_pm (CEO, Devyne Delights Nashville)

“Life is not a rehearsal…This is it, there are no do overs, we have to make it count.” These were the first nuggets of wisdom my dear friend, Germany Kent, gave me years ago. They were so thought provoking, I have shared them as part of my life philosophy as an Air Force Officer leading hundreds of service men and women from Korea to Iraq to Afghanistan; they have given insight to what and who I am as a leader as well as challenge those around me to be better, to be greater, to do more with this limited time we have. I am very proud that now many others will have the opportunity to partake in Germany’s profound wisdom which has helped sustain me for years.”

Lt Col Tommi Grant (United States Air Force)

“Germany Kent has graciously shared with you in YOU ARE WHAT YOU TWEET, what I have been experiencing for years. You will experience her humor; her ability to bestow hope, and literary prowess as she flawlessly outlines how to be relevant and inspiring on social media. Along the way, she has gently interwoven nuggets of wisdom that encourages us to walk in our greatness and just be who we are.”

Dr. Patrice Johnson (Children’s National Medical)

“Germany Kent’s book provides you with true “insider” techniques on booming your social brand and elevating your creative talents and gifts. Her approach is smart and effective and offers her insight and expertise with personality and integrity. Miss Kent is indeed amazing and has a unique mind that can impact our society and ultimately, our world.”

Mary Davis (Former Professor of English, Mississippi Delta Community College)

“An extremely talented, engaging writer – both witty and personable. This book is a real treasure trove of invaluable Twitter tips and advice. I just loved it!”

Debbie Brunettin, (SfEP associate member, Switzerland)

YOU ARE WHAT YOU TWEET will inspire you to make a few important changes in your own life. Read this book and emerge motivated and confident that you can make a difference personally, professionally, and in our world. The practical, truthful, easy-to-understand issues and suggestions can make it clear for you to find purpose and meaning in your own life.”

Kerry Young Pate, (Vice Principal, Hoover City Schools)

YOU ARE WHAT YOU TWEET is a refreshingly sensible and user-friendly book. You do not have to be a Twitter expert to see how exceedingly astounding this gem of a book really is”.

Dr. Bill R. Foster, (Associate V.P. for Student Affairs, Ret., Mississippi State University)

“Throughout life, journaling has repeatedly revealed my truths. I found myself needing a tool to guide my present day journaling, i.e., my social media presence, and found Germany Kent’s YOU ARE WHAT YOU TWEET.  A lifelong hunter of positivity and truth who is natural and inviting in her delivery style, Germany’s book is simple and profound in its ability to redirect us to become hunters for truth in finding and implementing our niche in life.”

Dr. Frances D. Carter-Johnson, (co-founder and partner in Evaluation and Assessment Solutions, LLC. MD-based scholar-practitioner)

Germany Kent

GERMANY KENT, also known as The Hope Guru™, is an accomplished Journalist and a noted social media expert. Known for her humor, powerful thoughts, insightful ideas and positive demeanor, she is a popular social media magnet.